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ORNL Business Opportunities

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Current Business Opportunity Listings
Category Description Small Business Set-Aside Estimated Value Expected Issue Date Expected Award Date
Fabrication and Machining Services
Cryo-guard Vacuum System (CGVS)
No >$500K May-19 Jul-19
Industrial and Facility Services
Camera Investigations, Civil Survey, and Geotechnical
No $1M - $2M Jul-19 Sept-19
Construction Services to SNS Site
Yes <$10M Jul-19 Oct-19
Asphalt Paving
No >$1M Jul-19 Aug-19
OLFC5 Electrical Upgrade
Yes $8.8M Jul-19 Sept-19
Industrial Equipment
No >$200K Jul-19 Aug-19
Fabrication and Machining Services
Fabrication of a Helium Refrigeration System for HFIR
No $4.6M Jul-19 Nov-19
Industrial Equipment
Tokamak Cooling Water Systems - Drying System: Charging Compressor
No <$1M Sept-19 Dec-19
Industrial Equipment
Tokamak Cooling Water Systems - Vacuum Vessel Baking Heater and Drying System Electrical Heater
No >$1M Sept-19 Dec-19
SNS PPU Klystron Gallery Construction
No $4M - $5M Aug-19 Sept-19