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ORNL Business Opportunities

Current Business Opportunity Listings
Type Description Small Business Set-Aside Estimated Value Expected Issue Date Expected Award Date
MBCI - Construction
ORNL has selected McCarthy Building Companies as its strategic partner to perform construction activities at ORNL.
No Estimated $15M p/yr Varies Varies
MBCI - Construction: Task Order #8
ORNL’s Strategic Partner Services (SPS) - McCarthy Building Companies, Inc. - Task Order to Construct the new Leadership Imaging Facility (LIF) at ORNL
No <$4.2M Jul-18 In Review - Continuance
Industrial Equipment
PHTS Filter Booster Pump
No <$500K Sept-18 Dec-18
Staff Augmentation Support
Document Controls Support to US ITER
No <$500K Nov-18 Jan-19
Industrial Equipment
Design and Development of Piezo-Actuated Pilot Valve for Higher Magnetic and Radiation Field Environments
No $250K Sept-18 Nov-18
Design/Build of the Translational Research Capability (TRC)
No $58M Apr-19 Dec-19
Computer Services
Amazon Web Services
Yes >$2M Nov-18 Jan-19
Professional and Staffing Services
Window Cleaning and Pressure Washing
No $500,000 Dec-18 Jan-19
Professional and Staffing Services
Operating and Managing the Coffee and Pastry Kiosks at Oak Ridge National Laboratory
No $0.00 (profit/loss) Dec-18 Feb-19
Industrial and Facility Services
Food Services
No $0.00 (Profit/Loss Basis) Dec-18 Apr-19
Industrial Equipment
Just In Time (JIT) for Metal, Valves, & Fittings/Commodities/Supplies
Yes <$2M Jan-19 Mar-19
Professional and Staffing Services
Executive Coaching, Team Building, and Facilitation Services
Yes <$3M Feb-19 Mar-19
Industrial Equipment
Just In Time (JIT) for Building Supplies, Plumbing Supplies, & Hardware Items
Yes >$2 Million Feb-19 May-19
Industrial Equipment
Just In Time (JIT) for HVAC & Refrigeration Equipment & Supplies
Yes <$5 Million Feb-19 May-19
Computer/IT Services
Oracle Database Administrator Support
No <$1M Jan-19 Jan-19