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ORNL Business Opportunities

Brooks Baldwin - Director, Contracts - (865) 576-7151

Cassandra McGee Stuart - Manager, Small Business Programs - (865) 576-3560 /


U.S. ITER Project:  For international U.S. ITER Business Opportunities, please see:
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Fraudulent email warning!

The Small Business Programs Office reminds you to remain vigilant while conducting business with ORNL. There have been attempts to impersonate an ORNL Procurement Officer via email. The email domain used was, which is NOT a real email domain. The impersonator was possibly attempting to build a relationship with the email recipient for a future phishing attempt.

If you receive a questionable email related to ORNL business, please forward it to us here. We also suggest sending it to your own IT security team if you have one. Thank you.


For each Business Opportunity, please contact the Procurement Officer listed to indicate interest in being placed on the bid list.

Business Opportunities

Current Business Opportunity Listings
Category Description Small Business Set-Aside Estimated Value Expected Issue Date Expected Award Date
Professional and Staffing Services
Stable Isotope Production and Research Center (SIPRC) Architect-Engineering Services
No $500K April 2021 September 2021
Sewage Treatment Plant Modernization
No $10M February 2021 May 2021
Construction of the Craft Resources Support Facility (CRSF)
No > $10M May 2021 October 2021
Craft Resources Support Facility Demolition Effort in the 7000 Area
Yes $500k April 2021 May 2021
Industrial and Facility Services
Material Plasma Exposure Experiment (MPEX) Reconfiguration
No >$100K March 30, 2021 May 15, 2021
Fabrication and Machining Services
Structural Steel to Support Waveguides
No <$250K May 2021 September 2021
Material Plasma Exposure Experiment (MPEX) Enhancements
Yes >$100K July 2021 November 2021
AE Services for Critical Infrastructure Modernization Project (CIMP)
No >$100K March 30, 2021 July 2021
Scientific Instruments
Magnification-1 UV Macro Lens
No $200k April 23, 2021 June 7, 2021
Fabrication and Machining Services
RPS Non-active Roots/Screw Pump Set for Cryostat Roughing Pump System (CR-RPS) Pump Skids
No >$500K April 14, 2021 June 15, 2021
Industrial Equipment
Ambient Molecular Sieve Bed (AMSB) Prototype
No <$500k May 2021 July 2021
Industrial Equipment
Permeator (PM) Prototype
No <$1M May 2021 August 2021
Industrial Equipment
Palladium Membrane Reactor (PMR) Prototype
No <$1M June 2021 September 2021
Industrial Equipment
Catalytic Reactor (CR) Prototype
No <$500k May 2021 July 2021
Industrial Equipment
Cryogenic Molecular Sieve Bed (CMSB) Prototype
No <$500k May 2021 July 2021
Fabrication and Machining Services
US ITER ECH Transmission Line Waveguide Guides
No < $1M April 2021 May 17, 2021