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VV PHTS Canned-Motor Pumps

Category: Fabrication and Machining Services
Small Business Set-Aside: TBD
Estimated Value: $9M
NAICS Code: 333996
Expected Issue Date: March 2024
Expected Award Date: June 2024
Contact Name: Jacinda Bryant
Contact Email:

This SOW establishes the scope of work for the design and fabrication of the VV PHTS Canned-Motor Pumps in accordance with the TS for the VV PHTS Canned Motor Pumps.

This Statement of work includes the detailed design, environmental qualification, manufacture, inspection, testing, packaging, documentation, conformity assessment and delivery of the VV PHTS Canned-Motor Pumps per this SOW and in accordance with the Technical Specification for the VV PHTS Canned-Motor Pumps.

VV PHTS Canned-Motor Pumps Statement of Work