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Sewage Treatment Plant Modernization (Updated)

Category: Construction
Small Business Set-Aside: No
Estimated Value: $10M
NAICS Code: 236220
Expected Issue Date: April 2021
Expected Award Date: July 2021
Contact Name: Chad Wilson
Contact Email:

Please contact Chad Wilson at to receive the password for access.


Scope of Work:

Design and construction of new sewage treatment infrastructure, with anticipated deliverables including, but not limited to:

  • A minimum of two sequencing batch reactor (SBR) tanks with flow measurement, valve actuation, mixing, decanting, sludge wasting and aeration equipment. Designer shall reserve area in the site plan and provide grading (backfill, compaction, etc.) and connections necessary for the future expansion (an additional 50% of design capacity) of the system.
  • A post equalization basin (Post EQ) and an aerobic digester.
  • A tertiary disk filter system.
  • Plant wastewater transfer pumps as necessary.
  • Solids transfer pump(s) to convey flow to existing dewatering facility.
  • Installation of new effluent flow monitoring with Parshall flume and new outfall line to tributary of White Oak Creek.
  • New peracetic acid (PAA) contact basins and the replacement of the existing PAA building and its equipment.
  • Replacement of Environmental Compliance testing & measurement laboratory.
  • A standby power system for the sewage treatment plant capable of providing full standby power to the sewage treatment plant including, but not limited to, SBRs, Post EQ, aerobic digester, tertiary filter, PAA building, pumps, environmental compliance building, instrumentation, controls, and site lighting.
  • Installation of electrical building for switchgear and controls.
  • Other electrical equipment, including switchgear, instrumentation and controls to allow monitoring of treatment plant equipment.
  • Optional scope is expected to include: 
    • 750,000 gallon influent equalization tank
    • Intermediate lift station upgrades
    • Other facility enhancements such as elevated walkways over tanks & basin



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