ORNL Nuclear Materials Management Support

Professional and Staffing Services
Small Business Set-Aside
Estimated Value
Expected Issue Date
December 2020
Expected Award Date
February 2021
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Lynn Taylor
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Qualification Criteria: Seller shall have an approved DOE facility clearance to handle and store classified data and documents up to SECRET RD.  Seller must provide verification that they meet this requirement.

For ORNL for management of nuclear materials.  The seller will provide technical and administrative assistance to ORNL in their role as (1) Lead Material Management Organization (LMMO), (2) Office of Nuclear Materials Integrate (ONMI) Support, (3) Nuclear Forensic Support and (4) Nuclear Materials Transportation Support for the DOE/NNSA.  All work much be conducted at the Seller’s facilities and not on the ORNL site.  The only expectation is the Seller may access the NESAN classified network on the ORNL site to retrieve classified data and to submit classified deliverables for review. The NESAN access will be on shared workstations and shall be minimized and it is preferred the Seller has access to NESAN off the ORNL site.

All key personnel must have a detailed working knowledge of DOE Order 410.2, Management of Nuclear Materials, and DOE Order 474.2, Nuclear Material Control and Accountability. Key personnel  should have working relationships with the major DOE sites’ nuclear material management staff.

The Seller shall possess personnel with security credentials at the DOE Q’ clearance level to perform the required work in these task areas.  The majority of the tasks will require a DOE ‘Q’ clearance to allow evaluation of SECRET RD data and access to classified DOE programmatic information where nuclear materials are utilized.  Key personnel shall have access to the NESAN classified network and access to classified computing to prepare classified document up to SECRET RD. Access to the NESAN can be provided through ORNL, but the seller must have capability to store classified information that their site.  Some isolated technical analysis tasks could potentially be performed without a DOE ‘Q’ clearance.  Seller shall possess at least one key staff member with security credentials at the Top Secret, Sensitive Compartmented Information (TS-SCI) since some task will required to access SCI information on an infrequency basis. The TS-SCI clearance is also needed to view SECRET and SECRET RD data on a TS-SCI network. The Seller shall have facilities to handle and store classified data and documents up to SECRET RD.  The Seller must provide verification that they have an approved DOE facility clearance to store SECRET RD data and documents. 

This work is limited to U.S. citizens only. Note: Foreign Nationals (FN) who possess a VISA status of Lawful Permanent Resident (LPR) or Green Card can work on project if approved by project manager. FN participation is not allowed on this project for FN’s who do not possess LPR/Green Card.

The task requires business travel for key staff members including approximately 6-10 trips per year.

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