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MPEX Vacuum Pumping Subsystem (Primary Pump Trains - PR164840)

Category: Industrial Equipment
Small Business Set-Aside: TBD
Estimated Value: $2M
NAICS Code: 333999
Expected Issue Date: May 2023
Expected Award Date: June 2023
Contact Name: Justin Price
Contact Email:

The Material-Plasma Exposure eXperiment (MPEX), a superconducting magnet, steady-state device, is being built at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), herein referred to as “the Company”, to address the harsh conditions inside a fusion reactor. This device, as designed, will have the unique feature of being able to conduct accelerated lifetime tests of plasma-facing components, including those that have experienced neutron damage.

The MPEX Vacuum Pumping Subsystem consists of one roughing pump station, three turbo-molecular pump stations, valves, pipes, and instrumentation and controls (I&C). The pump stations are located along the MPEX device to establish and maintain a vacuum pressure within the MPEX device that allows plasma experiments. The vacuum pump trains and associated components, addressed in this Statement of Work, are part of the Vacuum Pumping Subsystem.

See attached Statement of Work for additional information on this solicitation.

MPEX-04-SOW-101_Statement+of+Work+for+a+Vacuum+Pumping+Subsystem_SIGNED (002).pdf