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Cryogenic Guard Vacuum System Roll Up Cart

Category: Fabrication and Machining Services
Small Business Set-Aside: TBD
Estimated Value: $278,024
NAICS Code: 33999
Expected Issue Date: November 2023
Expected Award Date: February 2024
Contact Name: Jeanne Grozdanich-Nelson
Contact Email:

There are total three (3) CGVS roll up carts. Two (2) roll up carts are Type-Cx, and one (1) roll up cart is Type-Tx.  Each roll up cart contains one control cubicle which is mounted on a mobile skid, the cables for connection between the control cubicle and CGVS pump station, one (1) laptop, power supplies and auxiliaries. The roll up carts will be shipped to ITER site.

This is a "Design and Build" procurement. This Statement of Work (SOW) defines the activities to be performed by the Seller for the engineering design, fabrication, test, start-up,configure, validation/qualification, and packing for the CGVS Roll Up Carts.


CGVS Roll Up Cart SOW.pdf